Thranduil Cosplay


Incredible Cosplay and First Blog Post from my iPhone!

Okay El Moochadores, Although I think this is really awesome cosplay work by TheIdeaFix on the deviant art, I’m mostly posting about this because I just got a new smart phone, and I want to learn how to blog post from my phone. So far: kind of awful. But I’m learning! So while I figure this out, check this frigg’n amazing costume work. I think his real name is Serg, and he’s a model from Russia… I think. Kind of hard to keep track of stuff. Anyways, check out a few sample images below, and I’ll fix any mistakes from my PC when I get home.



Okay – I’m at my PC, so here’s the stuff I left out…

The Cosplay work was done by Sergey Roman Reyns Slavyaninov who is a Russian model/cosplayer/ and I think in a band. He also makes a really good Loki as well as an eerily good Thranduil. Check out more of his work at Deviant Art. I’m still learning how to blog from my phone, but hopefully I’ll get up to speed soon and we can start posting way more! Groovy.

Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan Cosplay


Awesome Farscape Cosplay from Elena Samko

Hey El Moochadores, It’s not too often I come across some (any?) cool Farscape cosplay, but check out this great looking Zhaan costume by Elena Samko. Elena is a make up artist and you can see a great collection of her work on her Deviant Art page and Facebook page. I’ve posted a few samples of her work below, but hit the links to see way more. Now let’s see her pull of a Dominar Rygel.

Good stuff.

pa_u_zotoh_zhaan_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9qzy9b the_black_cat_marvel_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9hyoun the_california_mountain_snake_cosplay_by_elenasamko-d9ecdyo

Alien and Predator Art!


New Art Work from Alex Ruiz

Okay El Moochadores, in an attempt to get back to regular post again, I thought I would kick things off with some really cool looking art work I found on Deviant Art. Check out these incredible looking illustrations of The Predator and Xenomorph by Alex Ruiz. According to the DA page, the Xenomorph wasn’t completed, but yet it looks really cool the way it is now. Click the link above to check out more of Ruiz’s art, and hopefully I’ll have more post up later. This life, eh?





Okay El Moochadores. Here is my “mostly finished” Kilowog fan art. I used Adobe Illustrator CS2 for all of the vector work (yeah, I’m too poor/cheap for the creative cloud, and CS2 works great anyways), and I used one of Jason’s daily sketches as the reference.daily_sketch__kilowog_sketch_050914_by_jrmurray76-d7hvawv (1) I’m hoping to do more all digital art like this, but maybe start using more Photoshop elements in the future. One of my goals is to one day get as good as artist like Rocky Davies, but I think I still got a ways to go. Anyways, check out more of Jason’s sketch, type, and digital work on his Deviant Art page. You can also check out my meager work on my DA page. I’m already starting work on a new “Oola” illustration, and I’ll have post up about it soon.


An Atomic Moo Update


Hey El Moochadores! It’s been a few days since I posted here, so I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s going on with Atomic Moo. New blog post might be kind of sparse the next few weeks. I’ve been putting in extra time at work, so it might get tough to post about the all the cool geeky creative stuff out there, but there is some good news! Atomic Moocast #113 will be done in a few days. This one should be pretty cool, because we have the original Brethren Moo back on the podcast. Also, Chudd and I have been working really hard on creating original new fan art.KilowogPreview Here’s a sample of a Kilowog portrait I’ve been working on. Chudd did the original sketch, I’ve just been digitally painting over it. It’s not nearly finished yet, but it is helping me keep my sanity. Finally, we’ll be going to Cherry City Comic Con in Salem Oregon at the end of April (April 30th to May 1st). I don’t have table information yet, but I’ll definitely post about it once we have know. We’re really excited for this event, and the chance to podcast from the con. Chudd will also have some original art for sale, and he’s working hard on getting his prints ready. So, yeah. That’s what’s going on with us. I’ll have regular (as regular as I can) post back on the site soon, so keep coming back!


Transolar Galactica


New Episodes Kicks off this Month!

Hey El Moochadores, want a see a grand science fiction adventure chuck full pointless action but also lacking in exposition or character growth?! Want to see something that has almost no integrity, but tons of special effects and lens flares!? Lens flares!?! No I’m not talking about the new Star Wars film (sorry, I couldn’t help my self…STAR WARS VII SUCKED!), I’m talking about this great science fiction parody on the youtube called Transolar Galactica!279836007

First released in 2011, Transolar is a funny, and award winning, web series that “pokes fun at film tropes in Science Fiction cinema, ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.” The series follows the exploits of the star ship Transolar and her luckless crew. led by Captain Remmington Trigger, the series takes the crew through a series of inept decisions that lead to disastrous consequences. The series is amazingly well produced and features some incredible special effects work along with funny short stories that usually end up with some form of death.

Recently the series has returned with Episode 1 of the New Origin Series, “The Return of Icarus.” I’ve posted the first episode below along with two episodes of the original 2011 series. Transolar is produced by Kinetic Energy Productions and for more information you can check out their Facebook page.


Episode 1: Return of Icarus – Transolar Origin Series

Transolar Galactica: Episode II – Beam Them Aboard

Dust and Desire: A Joel Sorrell Novel

Dust and Desire Cover

An Atomic Moo Book Review of Conrad Williams Novel

I’m sure this isn’t true for the vast majority of mystery stories out on book shelves, but it seems like most of the ones I’ve read (and I like mysteries) tend to center around a detective who’s life is complete shit. The protagonist, sometimes including modern interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, are often surly, anti-social, drug addled, dicks (P.I.’s) working on the fringes of law and order. Who also despite being barely sober, somehow manage to put together all the pieces of a dangerous whodunit. Yeah, pretty much what happens in Conrad William’s novel, Dust and Desire, but this time with way more drinking. Keen.

Dust and Desire pits a broken ex-cop turned PI (Sorrell) against a ruthless serial killer and it doesn’t help that this psycho is also coming after Sorrell and everyone he knows. Here’s the official synopsis:

The Four-Year-Old, an extraordinary killer, has arrived in London, hell-bent on destruction… PI Joel Sorrell is approached by the mysterious Kara Geenan, who is desperate to find her missing brother. Joel takes on the case but almost immediately, an attempt is made on his life. The body count increases. And then Kara vanishes too… as those close to Joel are sucked into his nightmare, he realizes he must track down the killer if he is to halt a grisly masterplan – even if it means sacrificing his own life.

Though I’m skeptical that any human being could function after the massive volumes of alcohol Sorrell imbibes, let alone stop a killer, I enjoyed this story. Dust and Desire is chuck full of dark humor and even darker action. Sorrell’s messy past adds a fantastic backdrop to his investigation, and reading about a detective that is almost universally hated is always a lot of fun. Though readers should be warned this book is amazingly English. I mean – it doesn’t shy away from a very U.K. based (I want to say cockney, but I don’t know…) narrative and metaphors that I’m sure make sense in London (maybe) but there were several times where I had to do my own “google” investigations just to figure out what the hell Sorrell had just said. However, this could also be interpreted as just part of the books charm, and we all walk away with a few new terms for being drunk. Also, Dust and Desires readers can look forward to an additional (exclusive) short story, Do Not Resuscitate, and an author Q&A.

Dust and Desire is available now at most major book sellers, or you can get your copy online at



A Classic Film Remix by Nick DenBoer & Davy Force

Okay. So, this is going to either make your day or ruin it. Check out this special effects laden remix of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining, but this time, with way more chickens and a green Scatman Crothers. The short film was produced by Nick DenBoer and Davy Force. For more information check out their website or Youtube channel. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have a nightmare tonight. huh.


A Smallville Man


A Superman short film set to “Walk” by the Foo Fighters

Hey El Moochadores, check out this incredible Superman animatic by illustrator Mauricio Abril. According to the youtube page this story is told with a 150 illustrations all paired with the song Walk by the Foo Fighters.


Trog’s Sketch Journal


Daily Sketches from 01-11-2016 to 01-18-2016

Finally got some time off to post my collection of daily sketches. Last week was a busy one, so almost all of the drawings I did were while at work. I work as a driver and so all of these were done from the front seat of my car. Almost every image reference I got from just doing a simple google search for the cartoon I wanted to draw. This weeks sketches I did Sylvester the Cat, Buster Bunny, Ren and Stimpy, Louise, Wilma Flintstone, and Tom and Jerry. I kind of liked branching out from doing just Looney Tunes this week. I’m a huge fan of old Tom and Jerry cartoons (though I didn’t have time to finish the sketch I had started) as well as Bob’s Burgers.Daily_01-15-2016 Louise is just awesome and I hope to do more drawings of her in the future. I also had a little time to practice my own cartoons. I’ve been working on a comic strip I call Atomic Tails and this week I had a chance to finish a strip (#10) as well as practice my toons. the image on the right is some of my practice for improving the characters. I’m using a book called Character Mentor by Tom Bancroft. What’s cool about this book is that it provides useful information along with assignments to improve skill. I’ve been doing the assignments and then redoing them with my own main character, Trog. Yeah, I still got a long way to go. Anyways, Check out the other samples of this weeks illustrations and I’ll have a new post next Wednesday. Oh, yeah. I’m switching to Wednesday or Thursday’s to post my sketches. It’s just too tough during the weekend when I’m working.


Daily_01-13-2016 Daily_01-12-2016 Daily_01-11-2016 Daily_01-10-2016 Daily_01-09-2016

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