I read in the L.A. Times blog, Hero Complex, that Sony Pictures has picked a new Spider-Man, and he’s a Brit… I’m not sure how I feel about that…. The announcement was made that 26-year old Andrew Garfield has been cast as the new Peter Parker. I’ve never heard of him, but then again I can’t say I was too familiar with Tobey Maguire either, other than I recognized him as the kid from Pleasantville (and the only reason I remember that is because it was the first film I watched in a Palm Desert theater after spending two years peddling religion in Sacramento. I wasn’t able to go to a theater during those two years… it was tough.) I hope it works out, though I get the feeling they’re trying to target a younger audience, and this film could end up being all flash and no substance. Here’s a link to the Hero Complex article.

SIDE NOTE: I just IMDB’d Tobey Maguire (I wasn’t sure how to spell Pleasantville… who knew there was an “a” after the “e”?) and noticed Robotech listed under “In Development”. WTF?! As awesome as it would be to have a Robotech movie (I would rather see either a remake of the cartoon or a mini-series where you could have more character development), I sure hope to hell he’s not playing Rick Hunter in it. I just don’t think he’d fit the role. Maybe someone younger, like this new kid who’s going to play Spider-Man. What the hell, give him all of Maguire’s rolls. Here’s link if you’re interested.

New Spider-Man

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