I read on Sci Fi Wire that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the San Diego Comic Con over “idol worship.” According to the post “they plan to picket the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con from 1:15 pm to 2 p.m. on Thursday, July 22” (click here for the link, or on the image below). I strongly disagree with this group and the messages they promote, and it does upset me a little to hear that they will be down at the Con this year protesting. My brother and myself plan on attending the con, and we both hope to geek-out as much as we can and have a great time. We would hate to see the weekend spoiled because of the actions of a few thoughtless individuals. We want to encourage others that are attending on Thursday to be cool, ignore them, and have a good time. After all, if we could tolerate all that Twilight crap from last year, I think we can put up with this.

San Diego Comic Con

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