With Comic Con just around the corner, I can’t help feeling more and more excited. Here are three con-exclusive action figures I feel I should be on the hunt for. The first is the Robot Chicken Exclusive Comic-Con Figure: SDCC Nerd, being sold at the Entertainment Earth Booth (#2343) for $20. Yeah, this character is poking fun at obsessive nerd types, but then again I am an obsessive nerd type so who am I to complain.

Robot Chicken Nerd

Next is this kick-ass 19-inch (on a 27-inch blister card) Giant Galactus figure from Hasbro, going for $50. You can find it at the Hasbro booth (#3329).

Comic Con Exclusive Figure

Last, and probably the most awesome, is this special edition Tron vintage figure. Only 1,500 figures are being made, selling at $40.00 a piece. From the couple sites that I read on this, all I could find was “sold at the Tron Booth.” Unfortunately I can’t seem to find what booth that is.

Vintage Tron Action Figure

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