It seems like every day something cool pops up related to Star Wars. I’m starting to think that maybe I should just dedicate a day to post about all the nifty Star Wars stuff that comes out in a week. Here’s some of what I found today:

I’m seriously considering buying this as a print from This awesome illustration by “gamefan84” (Real name is Tyler Edlin according to his DeviantArt page), depicts Chewbacca fighting Nazis, while riding on the back of a giant squirrel. Click here for a link to his work on

chewy comission

Here’s something I found on, or “Blastr” as they now call themselves (as if “SyFy” wasn’t bad enough): a bunch of tasty looking Star Wars cup cakes. I gotta say these are pretty clever and cool looking, but whose the green guy in the bottom right corner? Click here for the link.

star wars cupcakes

Last is this image from I have to admit, this was a cute idea. Here’s the link.

leia cap

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