I’ve decided to start making Wednesday our Star Wars Day, and here’s some cool stuff I found since last week.

Here’s something I read through Neatorama.com, a really cool looking Baby Chewbacca Illustration by conceptual artist Salvador Ramirez Madriz. Check out his Deviant Art page here to see more of his awesome work.

Baby Chewbacca

Here are some fantastic World War II re-imagined Star Wars Bounty Hunters action figures by Jonathan Kuriscak, which you can buy on eBay! Hey, does the IG-88 remake have the symbol for the RDF from Robotech on his shoulders? It kinda looks like it was made from parts of an Alpha Fighter…cool!

Star Wars WW2 Bounty Hunters

Another re-imagining of some classic Star Wars figures, but Samurai style! These awesome figures were created by Sillof (not sure what his real name is), and you can see more of his work here at his website, or his Deviant Art page.

Star Wars Samurai

Here’s an image I’ve seen a couple times today. Bonus points to their parents for bringing them up right!

Star Wars Kids Cosplay

I’m not sure how this would look on my Mazda, but I’m willing to find out. I read about this on GeeksAreSexy.net and thought it was a great idea.

Storm Trooper Hood Ornament

Finally (though I’m sure there’s a ton of other Star Wars related stuff I could mention but probably missed) I just read on Siffy… er… I mean SciFiWire.com… or I guess it’s Blastr.com (no “e”, clever huh???)… whatever it is, I just read that the Star Wars live action show has been shelved because of cost. You can read more about it here. Thanks for taking a look.

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