Sorry, nothing has been posted the last couple days. This past weekend I was extremely… lazy. I didn’t do much of anything, except watch the complete first season of Spartacus on Netflix (too much man ass, but awesome story). I did manage to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on Saturday. Decent film, I’m not sure it was worth all the hype though. Still, if you’re into geek culture you’ll enjoy it. Though I did get a little depressed because it reminded me of when I was that age (No debt, all my friends were unmarried, and I could eat anything I wanted with out consequence), and all the mistakes I’ve made since then. Anyhow, I’m getting bummed out again. here’s something I saw the other day that was pretty neat. I’ve been on a H.P. Lovecraft kick, so I definitely took interest in this. Also I love they way Cthulhu is depicted in this animation. Enjoy!

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