I’m not sure what’s going on with me, but lately I’ve been feeling extremely lazy… like tonight. I can’t seem to get much done. Even right now I feel like I could fall asleep on the key board. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t have eaten such a big dinner. Anyhow, thanks to the recent Celebration V, there’s been a ton of new Star Wars stuff buzzing around the internet (I really wish I could have gone, but on what I make, one convention a year is enough). Sorry, but I’m not going to post about all of it. Instead I’m just going to pick out a few things, like this below which has been getting a heck of a lot of attention lately:

As awesome as it is to see deleted scenes from movies we love, I can see why this was cut. It doesn’t seem necessary to the film. I hope that when they release it on blue-ray in 2011, that they keep this in a deleted scenes section of special features. I fall in with the crowd that still loves the original trilogy for what they were when they were released, with out all the extra CGI and deleted scenes added in.

Adidas has more awesome Star Wars based apparel coming out. Check out these Jabba the Hutt inspired sneakers. I read about these on Fashionablygeek.com, click on the link to see more images. I wonder if wearing these shoes will get you a hot chick dressed in a metal bikini…

Jabba Shoes

Okay, and the last thing I’ll mention (though I know there’s a ton of other stuff, but I’m seriously having a tough time staying awake right now) are these cool looking plush key chains that are available at Neatorama.com. Check them out, enjoy, and goodnight!

key chains

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