The makers of Lord of the Rings Online have announced the game will now be free to play coming this fall. Stating in their FAQ that “Free-to-Play opens up more choices and options so you can play your way. When LOTRO Free-to-Play is available, you can download the game for free and start playing without a subscription or even a credit card.” The new game will still offer a subscription rate for VIP players, but for players who don’t want to pay a monthly rate a system of “Turbine Points” has been started. Players can earn Turbines in the game or buy them online then use these points to buy items from the LOTR store. For those players who choose to pay for these points LOTRO will also provide several other advantages like extra bag space and gold but they also said in their FAQ that “…premium loot and rare gear are the rewards of adventure and are only obtainable through game play.” LOTRO is now letting people sign up for the upcoming beta.

Lord of the RIngs Online screen shot

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