I just went through my reader and saw a few things that looked friggen radical (that’s right, I’m bringing it back… unless it already came back, then I’m too late… or what if it came back, was cool for a couple months and then dropped again?), so I thought would post about them tonight. First, some dude (I think it’s a dude, not really sure, but come on, like a girl is really going to build one of these? No offense to women, I just don’t see it likely) put together this awesome custom made Iron Man 360. You can read about it on GeekTyrant.com, where you can also see more images, a complete description, and even a very brief video of it. I really like how the Stark Industries logo was included (not shown in the image) on the top, and also the arc reactor at the side.

Iron Man 360

Lately, since I’ve decided to subscribe to NetFlix, I’ve been on a total Doctor Who binge. Since Friday I’ve watched seasons one and two, and have gotten a pretty good bite into season three. So I kind of geeked-out when I saw this Disappearing TARDIS Mug. The description says that the TARDIS will disappear and reappear on the other side when you poor something hot in it. For $11.45, I might have to get one… as soon as I get paid. I read about this through Neatorama.com, and you can find it here in their Neatoshop, or just click on the image.

Doctor Who Mug

The last thing I’ll post about, is this awesome Judge Dredd (or Judge Minty) fan film, that, also, I read about on GeekTyrant.com.

I can’t imagine that putting this together is cheap, still I hope this will inspire more people out there to create their own projects and push forward. You can find out more about it here on the projects blog.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find some more stuff to geek-out over.

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