Okay, it’s been a few days since we made a post but with some good reason. Chudd and I are working hard on some new illustrations and a logo for this site. Chudd has been doing all the work on the logo and so far it is awesome!

Now for some other groovy stuff. This last week there has been many amazing things bouncing around the web that I wanted to post on our site.

First up is…

Ten-Foot Gundam!

10-foot Gundam

I found this on geekologie.com and I was really impressed. The makers of this massive statue made it out of plastic runners and part trees from other Gundam model kits.

next is…

Minas Tirath!

Minas Tirith Matchstick city

I first saw this on laughingsquid.com and like always I am amazed at their ability to find the unique and cool things of this world. Patrick Acton used over 420,000 matchsticks to make this amazing recreation of the LOTR city of Minas Tirith. The Model is currently on display at Matchstick Marvels Tourist Center in Gladbrook, IA.


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