I feel fortunate for the good string of films I’ve seen lately. Last week was the very cool Scott Pilgrim vs the World , and now this week the action packed Grindhouse film, Machete. This movie was entertaining in a way that other more serious action films could never be. Not that I had high expectations for Machete, but it’s over the top action, cheesy dialog, and scene after glorious scene of scantly clad hotties, just worked for me. As I was watching the film I couldn’t help but compare it to the Jack in the Box taco. It’s not really a taco, or food in any real sense, and every part of my knows I shouldn’t enjoy it, but I just can’t get enough of the tasty little bastard. Same thing with Machete. I could watch a dozen movies like this and love every one. No spoilers here, but this is the simple story of a betrayed federally who comes to America to work as a day labor, then is hired to assassinate a popular anti-immigration senator, only to be betrayed again, and then he seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. Wow, I know I screwed that up somewhere, but who cares. Go see this movie and have an awesome time watching as Danny Trejo kicks the hell out of a whole world of bad guys. And what the hell, sneak some Jack in the Box tacos in with you and let the ushers clean the mess up.

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