I’m not sure what to post about, though I feel I should do something since I missed yesterday… and so did my brother (who said he’d help me out on this). It’s been a good labor day weekend though. I got a lot done on the logo I’ve been designing for this site. At least a first round proof that I was able to make a solid vector image out of. I need to make some revisions, but it’s getting there, and hopefully it’ll be on the site with a new theme soon. While working on the logo, I watched the first season of Torchwood, which was playing on my computer right next to me, and I even got a little into season two. It’s a decent show. Much darker and edgier than Doctor Who, which I’m not sure really fits when you bring in goofy stuff like Cybermen. All the guy on guy kissing is kind of gross too (though the Japanese chick kissing the hot alien blonde chick was pretty cool…). Still, the characters are interesting to watch, and the stories are entertaining enough to keep me going back for more. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have more to say.

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