Samurai Stormtrooper

I thought this would be a great image to start out with. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to post last night, so this is a day late. I found this awesome image of a Samurai Stormtrooper off of I love it when fans take an idea and give it a twist. Maybe a western style Stormtrooper would be cool, or steam punk (probably already been done), or hell, maybe even a bondage Stormtrooper… just an idea…. Anyhow, here’s some other stuff I found on the web that looks pretty nifty.

I was very impressed by this Han Solo animation. Lucky for me I keep a pair of 3-D glasses right next to my desk (no, really I do). I kind of hated the ending though. Just seeing that image stings. Anyhow, I couldn’t help thinking how awesome it would be to have an animated show based on the adventures of a young Han and Chewy in this style (which looks like the Clone Wars, and if they’re willing to keep that going, why not give this a try?). I keep reading about some of the proposed television ideas involving Star Wars, and probably the worse idea so far was the flim noir young Boba Fett stories. Why is everyone interested in that character? He had a cool looking helmet. That’s it. A couple lines in Empire, and a cool helmet. Yet he died like a complete dumb ass, being knocked into a carnivorous pit by a blind man. I’m getting a little off the subject here, so I’ll wrap this up. I feel an on going show like this would appeal to both the older fans that love the original trilogy, and also to the younger fans that (for whatever reason… I blame the educational system) seem to like the Clone Wars stuff.

The Solo Adventures 3D from Daniel L Smith on Vimeo.

Here’s a good one to end the night on. I feel bad that the University of Mississippi (did I spell that right?) didn’t get to have Admiral Ackbar as their mascot. Do you know how awesome it would be to have Admiral Ackbar as your mascot? My college mascot was a bull. Sure bulls are powerful animals, but do they ever lead an offensive force of space ships to save the galaxy from tyranny? If you know any bull (or cow) that’s ever done that, please let me know.

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