I just got back from the gym and decided to check my reader before I got cleaned up, when I spotted this on Geekology.com. This is a pretty awesome geek video,  a parody of Katy Perry’s California Girls. The girls in it are completely gorgeous (especially the one dressed as Psylocke! I always had a thing for Psylocke. Something about an asian chick with purple hair… I dunno…), and there’s also some celebrity appearances… you’ll see’em. It seemed like there was a similar video for “Comic Con Girls” not too long ago. Maybe I should find it and post both them on here. Watch them together at the same time… yeah that would really make your night, wouldn’t it??? Naw, I’m not going to do that. Anyhow, I still feel like I’ve got a lot to learn about blogging, like embedding this type of video, so we’ll see how I do on this. I’m going to go take a cold shower now.

EMBED-Geek and Gamer Girls Song – Watch more free videos

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