Probably the coolest Star Wars related thing this week, at least for me, was finding a box full of vintage figures I’d collected years ago (college…) in a tub I’d brought back from a recent trip to Utah (I had to leave a bunch of stuff behind when I moved. I still need to go back for the rest). How the hell did I end up with three Dengars? It seems like they made more of those figures than any other….

Three Dengars

Anyhow, there’s been a lot of cool Star Wars related stuff out there. Here are a few of them.

There’s a book coming out on October 12th that looks pretty awesome called The Making of The Empire Strikes Back (kind of self explanatory), by J.W. Rinzler. I’d love to pick this up since Empire is my favorite Star Wars film. So next month I’ll probably crack a baseball bat over my piggy bank’s head like it was a baby seal. Hmmm… baby seal piggy banks…. There’s an idea…. Not that I endorse killing baby seals. Let me be clear on that. I don’t. That should never, ever, be done. Ever. Not unless it was a life threatening situation (like baby seal zombies or something) or they tasted really really good. Anyhow, I first read about this on, where you can find more information about it. Here’s a trailer.

This is totally freak’n friggen AWESOME! Calvin and Hobbes/Han and Chewie mash up t-shirt. You can find these at for only… $21.73??? WTF? For a shirt? An awesome shirt… still that’s a chunk of change… anyone have a piggy bank that needs a good clubbing?

Chewie and Han T-Shirt

I have no idea what a Qee is, but this looks pretty cool. I read about this on The Official Star Wars Blog, where you can find out more information. Also here’s a link to the artist’s blog, Jon Paul Kaiser where you can see more of his work.

Gamorrean Gaurd Qee

Last thing for the evening, because my butt is getting sore (and I don’t want to piss off any more animal rights activist than I already have) is this Empire Strikes Back Lego chess set, created by Brandon Griffith. Again, this is another one I found through (where the hell do they find all this stuff? And how much time do these guys have to search the web for it???). Anyhow, it looks really cool, and if you want to see more of it click here for the link, or on the image below.

Empire Lego Chess Set

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