WoW Player Class; Worgen

Recently  on the WoW forums, Zarhym announced that the Worgen player classs will not get a racial mount of their own but instead the class will be its own mount.

“Running Wild is indeed the new racial “mount” for worgen. Functionally the ability works exactly like a mount. This does mean the worgen are not bringing faction mounts to the table which other Alliance races can access. This is also of course very different from the original Plainsrunning implemented for taurens. We have no plans to try and bring that ability back in any form.

Ultimately, we feel Running Wild fits very well with the nature of the worgen race. Rather than getting a physical mount, they get down and sprint on all fours. When you’re playing a worgen, it just feels awesome.”

I don’t know if it’s been all the years of fast moving zombie and psycho movies I’ve watched, but the idea of a super-fast werewolf charging through Azeroth sounds pretty damn cool to me.

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