Today I read about this awesome interactive map of Middle Earth on GeekDad (and it looks like they found out about it from Neatorama… who got it from Geekologie…), created by Kris Kowal. What’s really cool, is up in the right corner he created a search bar that when you type in a location on the map (for example, I typed in Mordor), not only will it take you to there, but it will also give you links for information on that area (for example under Mordor was a link to “Dark Land-Encyclopedia Arda.” (By the way, I was just browsing through The Encyclopedia of Arda, “An Interactive Guide to the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien” and I have to say it’s a pretty nerdtastic site, and I know I’ll end up spending way too much time on it. Glamdring! That’s the name of Gandalf’s sword… I just read that on there. So much for getting anything productive done tonight…)). I know I mentioned this in the title, but it would be really cool if he had made a street view for this. I have no idea how he would pull it off , still, that shouldn’t stop us from encouraging Kris to do so. Yes, plenty of constant, relentless, non-stop encouragement! At all hours! That’s what he needs! Anyhow, check out the map and enjoy!

Middle Earth Map

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