I love my Friday nights. Not just because it’s the beginning of the weekend, but it’s usually the night I stay up late watching old horror movies while working on some personal projects (like AtomicMoo.com!). Right now I have A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors playing on my DVD, and I’ve decided to take a break from my drawing table to see if there’s any cool stuff on my reader to post about. There is!

Probably the coolest thing I read tonight, Elvira’s coming back!


I just read on UnderWire that the Mistress of the Dark will be back on T.V. with all new episodes of Elvira’s Movie Macabre. I use to love watching her as a kid (could be why I’ve always been in to brunettes… and goth chicks… and big boobs…), and recently I was able to find some of her old shows on hulu.com. I was even able to meet her at the last San Diego Comic Con (she wasn’t dressed as Elvira, just as Cassandra Peterson… still pretty hot for an older lady… ) and got a signed copy of her 1988 film: Elvira Mistress of the Dark (I had to pay twenty bucks though…). I’m looking forward to this, and apparently you can find out what stations her show will air on through her facebook page. Also check out her website, Elvira.com.


See, it says to Jason! That's me!

More awesomeness from the reader! GeekTyrant posted about this great looking Cthulhu bobble head as their toy of the week, available at entertainmentearth.com. I’m thinking this would look pretty cool on my desk (If I didn’t have all this other shit piled up on it… I need to get things organized this weekend…). Only thirteen bucks too… I might actually get this. I guess it’s a pre-order though, and won’t be available until November… eh, maybe I’ll be able to save up thirteen bucks by then.


Here’s something else I’ve read on GeekTyrant (and I swear I saw this on some other sites to, I guess the posts got cleared off my reader already), is this friggen radical How Dangerous is a Zombie infographic.

Zombie Graphic

There’s some other stuff I’d like to post about, but it’s getting late and I’d like to get some more work done tonight. So I guess I’ll save’em for another time. It’s back to the drawing table for me. Good night!

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