Early this morning (10:30…) Trog and I headed out to a local swap meet. Every now and then you can find something cool at a swap meet, like a Return of the Jedi watch, still running, with Princess Leia on one side of the band, and Jabba the Hutt on the other; or a copy of Logo Lounge 3 still in great condition. Mostly though, you go for the people… they make you want to work harder. Neither one of us wants to end up being the guy sitting on his blanket of goods, wanting to explain why the Japanese won’t buy his second hand Levi jeans anymore.

Leia Watch

I think we got this gem for a Dollar...

Today’s swap meet was unique. They were holding a “Collector Con”, which amounted to a few outside booths full of trashed comic books, sun bleached action figures, and boxes of old video game cartridges that may or may not work (though the lady behind the table assured us they did, but she had to take a second or two to think about it). The best moment had to of been when we heard an overweight middle aged man, trying to flirt with a young girl dressed as the Silk Spectre, say “yeah… sometimes I like to dress up as Wolverine.” It’s hard to covey the tone of smoothness he tried to inject in his voice at the time (and the utter failure in doing so). Still, if I ever write an autobiography, I want that to be the title.

We did manage to pick few things up. The niftiest being a couple vintage Kenner Star Wars action figures. I got an Imperial Commander, and a Klaatu. Neither in the best condition (some scuffs), and both with out any weapons or gear. Fortunately, I had those here, and was able to match them with the figures (awhile back I was really into collecting, buying and selling on eBay. Some how I ended up with a bunch of weapons and gear for loose action figures. As far as I know they’re not “repos”, but how can you tell?).

Kenner Vintage Star Wars Action Figures

Also, for five bucks, I picked up three old comic books, but they were all in bad condition (maybe five bucks was too much…). I haven’t had time to look through any of them yet. Though I’ve never heard of Unexpected or The Witching Hour (both published by DC Comics), I picked these up because I liked the lettering the artist did on the covers. Except the cover of the Witching Hour is kind of weird. I don’t like how they bent the title in such a funny way to fit in the phrase “It’s Midnight…” It seems like they could of found a better way to solve that. I got the Star Wars issue #3 (Marvel Comics) because I’m Star Wars geek, but I just found out it’s a reprint.


Witching Hour

Star Wars Marvel Issue 3

Before we left, Trog picked up a Star Wars: Power of the Force Gamorrean Gaurd for three dollars. He thought it would look cool on his desk (and it does).

Gamorrean Gaurd

That’s about it. Although we didn’t stay very long, we had a good time while we were there. Hopefully next weekend we can hit up the swap meet again, and be able to share more good stuff.

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