I Can’t Stop Playing with My Unicorn!

Robot Unicorn Attack

I’ll admit it… ever since Adult Swim put their Flash based game Robot Unicorn Attack on facebook, I’ve become addicted. I don’t bother checking on my friends and seeing what they’re up to anymore (there might have been a birth or a suicide or something… I dunno…), I just go straight to the game. My top score: 48,182. Pretty impressive right??? I have no idea! I don’t want to admit to anyone that I play this game, so it’s not like I can compare scores.

The game is pretty simple. You control a rainbow trailing Robot Unicorn (Z-to jump, and X-to attack) that collects fairies and smashes through stars for points. Also there are dolphins that randomly pop up, but I don’t know what purpose they actually serve. You get three chances to collect as many points as you can. In the end your scores from all three rounds are totaled up in to one final score.

The soundtrack to this game is something else to mention. I don’t think they could have found a better match. Some how it makes you uncomfortable and laugh at the same time. The funny thing is, I thought they created the song specifically for the game. Nope, It’s a real song! It’s titled “Always” by a synthpop duo, Erasure, made back in the ’90s. Check out the video below.

Okay, the Asian chick is kind of hot, but why does the cartwheeling guy in the helmet keep trying to brush her hair?

Overall, It’s a fun game, and if you haven’t played it yet, click on the links above and give it a try. Caution though, it is addictive. Also, if your a guy that’s a little ashamed of playing, or wanting to play, remember, in no way will it make you less of a man. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself….

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  1. Somehow, this game is not at all gay. It’s like a loophole in the gears that run the universe. It somehow loops around and become the BEST GODDAMN GAME EVER MADE (except for X-Com UFO Defense, which will never be beat by man).

  2. I don’t know about the “BEST GODDAMN GAME EVER MADE” I still say Zombies Ate My Neighbors wins that title, but It’s definitely addictive.

  3. Zombies Ate My Neighbors was pure genius.

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