World of Darkness MMO

World of Darkness

The makers of the very popular EVE Online have announced they will release a World of Darkness MMO sometime in 2012.

At least that’s the rumor. According to, CCP announced at this last weekend’s Grand Masquerade convention in New Orleans that it plans to develop the MMO based on the popular RPG game Vampire: The Requiem. And that’s what several other sites are saying too. I like the White Wolf RPG’s and enjoyed playing them with friends when I was a kid, so this actually sounds kind of cool to me (not that I was ever one of those weird goth kids. I want to be very clear on that, I just liked RPG’s, honest). However, the CCP site doesn’t actually say anything about the up coming MMO and neither does the World of Darkness home site. At least as far as I read on their sites, which admittedly, wasn’t much (cut me some slack, I just got off work, I’m tired, and Chudd ate all the fucking Eggos… damnit). What I did find out though was that back in 2006 CCP and White Wolf merged. So I got to wonder why it’s taken them this long to produce an MMO? I don’t know, maybe they’re just really tired too and craving a toaster cooked waffle, but denied that small pleasure by their all food consuming brothers; leaving the game developers hungry and disillusioned and not wanting to get around to making an MMO. Maybe that’s what happened.

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  1. You know, the MMORPG game is a bit dicey. When Lord of the Rings can’t make money, it’s pretty bad. Then again, if I knew anything about money, I might actually have some.

  2. I’m kind of interested in checking this out. I haven’t played any of those games in years, and I’ve probably forgotten a lot of stuff, so it would be nice to visit that world again.

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