Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week 9

There has been plenty of Star Wars awesomeness (should we call it “Warsomeness” or “Star Warsomeness” ?) buzzing around the webs these past few days. Sorry, I don’t have time to go over everything, but here a few things that looked pretty nifty.

Mondo Stuff

Mondo Salacious B. Crumb Poster

Above is a killer looking poster of Salacious B. Crumb (Jabba’s cackling little bitch), available on Mondo, illustrated by Rhys Cooper (check out his website for more great work!). Mondo has been offering some really fantastic looking stuff lately. Something I wanted to mention last week, but didn’t get around to it, was their Star Wars Bounty Hunters posters.

Mondo Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the “click here to buy” button, the page wasn’t available. I hope they haven’t sold out already. I might go into nerd rage…. Anyhow, if you get a chance, browse their site for more awesome stuff (I might actually get one of those Troll 2 t-shirts… looks pretty badass if you ask me).

Mario/Fett T-Shirt

Super Fettio Bros Mario/Boba Fett Mash Up

Check out this Mario/Boba Fett mash-up t-shirt design I just read about on It was created by Rich Molinelli, and you can find them at for only $9.00. That’s actually not a bad deal for a pretty cool shirt.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Here’s a pretty cool image of size comparison of Star Wars and Star Trek ships found on

Star Wars Films to be Re-Released in 3-D

Star Wars 3-D

Finally, probably the biggest news yet, according to Variety, starting sometime in 2012, all six Star Wars films will be re-released in 3-D (no exact date though). And we’re assured by Lucasfilm’s visual effects supervisor, John Knoll, that the 3-D conversion won’t suck.

Knoll said Lucasfilm is committed to ensuring that the 3D conversion delivers results as good as a movie shot and authored in 3D. Knoll said that it’ll be used to make the experience more immersive and he’ll avoid some of the more jarring, exaggerated uses of 3D that have marked previous stereoscopic pics.

“Having seen a lot of stereo material, I have very strong opinions about what I like and don’t like about stereo,” Knoll told Variety. “I’m going to be applying my aesthetic. It’s not going to look like (conversions) we’ve seen in the past.”

The news of the upcoming Star Wars 3-D re-release seemed to have spread kind of quickly. I’m probably the last blogger to be talking about it. I’m excited to see Star Wars (New Hope), Empire, and Jedi all on a large screen again (I’m not going to bother with the prequels. 3-D won’t make them any better… not unless you can actually reach out and punch Jar Jar), but I hope it’ll be the originals versions, and not the Special Editions. Probably not going to happen. Greedo will shoot first, dammit.

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  1. They’re not gonna do the originals, because in the new editions, the explosions are explodey-er.

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