Comic-Con 2010

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune the Comic-Con International will stay in San Diego for Five more years.

This ends months of speculation as to where Comic-Con would go if it left San Diego. The cities of Los Angeles, Anehiem, and Las Vegas had all submitted competitive bids to have the massive pop-culture convention moved out of San Diego.

A Comic-Con International spokesperson said,

“We’ve always had a desire to stay in San Diego, and we had three amazing proposals… It was obviously a very difficult decision, one born out by the amount of time it’s taken to make that decision. But in the end San Diego was able to address a lot of our concerns. It’s never been a secret we’d hoped to stay here, but the real challenge was that those who want to attend the event can afford to attend, in terms of size and space and cost.”

For Chudd and I this is great news. We’ve been regular attendees to the con since 1995 and every year it is an awesome experience. There is something special about the con and San Diego and we hope the two can remain together for a very long time.

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