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Feeling bad? Need a little something to make you happy and brighten up your day? Well, go check out Fail Blog where the misfortunes and mistakes of others can cure any depression.

Okay, I know many of you are already regular visitors to, but one of the great things about having my own blog is getting to write about the stuff I like and find really cool. Fail Blog is like a not lame version of Americas Funniest Home Video. The blog is just one part of which is a cool collection of blogs and humorous Web sites that I think readers will enjoy. Also, I don’t find the content of fail blog funny because I enjoy the misfortunes of others (well, yeah, I kind of do…), but because, after all the bizarre and painful accidents I’ve had in my own life, I empathize with these people. I’ve been bit by a monkey, set on fire by an Uruguayan, and fallen 17 feet off a cliff and through someones car port. But thankfully none of that was recorded on camera. Below is just one example of the truly amazing videos you can find on


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  1. …and suddenly, a warmth pervaded my entire being. A hand, made of warmth and light reached down, pointed, and a booming voice said, “THERE, THERE. IT COULD BE WORSE. YOU COULD BE -THAT- GUY.”

    Still, it looks fun, you know?

  2. Trog

    10/11/2010 at 6:33 pm

    My big worry is that, maybe not now, but soon, I’m going to have a giant bone cracking screw up that will be shared with everyone via the internet. I don’t want this to happen, but it is me and weird shit just seems to happen.

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