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I think Rhys Cooper is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. He’s the guy that did that really awesome Salacious B. Crumb poster we talked about in one of our “Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week” posts (click here to see it). I found these on, so thanks to them for sharing. Below are a couple more messed up looking Muppet posters he worked up.

This is the level of work I’d love to get to. I’m hoping that the more projects I give myself for this site (like the wallpapers and some other ideas I have) will help me get there. Time is a real problem though. With my current day job, trying to keep up my iStock account, this site, my own personal portfolio site (which I’ve been totally neglecting these past couple months), and just all the regular BS that comes in a day, it’s tough to find time for the projects I really want to be working on. Thank God I don’t have kids! I’m starting to rant again…. Anyhow, Rhys Cooper is a awesome artist, and you should definitely check out his website to see more of his stuff. Enjoy!

Oscar the Grouch


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