5k Yo-yo

Between Chudd and I, Chudd’s the yo-yo master. When we were kids he had a favorite yo-yo made from cedar. I think he bought it for about $5.00 from some shop in Oregon. At the time I remember thinking, “why the fuck is he spending money on a yo-yo?” “$5.00, that’s a G.I. Joe …or some Garbage Pail Kids (1980’s rocked for kids)- why the fuck is he getting a yo-yo” (…I also cussed a lot as a kid). But, he got his yo-yo and learned some pretty cool tricks. Since then I haven’t much thought of yo-yo until I came across this post at neatorama.com, and now that I see this I have to think, “$5000.00, who the frak would spend $5000.00 on a smegging yo-yo? $5000.00, that’s like half a months rent in California or a weeks worth of health care, who wants a frelling yo-yo?” Still, it is shiny. This cool little toy was made by Shinobu Konmoto and according to Neatorama took him six months to build. I wonder if Chudd can still walk the dog?

Yo-Yo by Shinobu Konmoto

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  1. Nope, I can’t. I haven’t used a yo-yo in years…

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