Vincent By Tim Burton

Good Morning People! Or guy who’s trolling for porn and accidentally ends up here… sorry no boobies today… yet (we’ll see how things go). I watched this short stop-motion animation last night (that I never knew existed) on It’s called Vincent, made by Tim Burton all the way back in 1982… so what, that was like five years ago or something…? I dunno, I suck at math, that’s why I got a degree in art. This is perfect for this time of year, plus I’m a Vincent Price fan, so it was kind of neat to hear him narrate this (listen to him recite The Raven here). Also Tim Burton has done some stuff I’ve really enjoyed like Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Batman Returns (it’s a fun movie, don’t knock it). I hope you enjoy this, and let us know what you think.

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