Sorry, but again I woke up late, so this morning’s post will also be a quick one. Last night I let my brother talk me into playing World of Warcraft, again. I tried it about a year ago for a couple months, and gave up on it because I felt it wasted too much time. I was reminded of that last night. It was around nine o ‘clock when we started playing. Most of the night had already been wasted by waiting for all the downloads and updates to complete, though I tried to work on other things while that was going on. It didn’t seem like we’d been playing that long, but when I looked up at the time it was after 1am!

Anyways… it’s Friday… I think… yup! It’s Friday! Thank the Maker, because I have an idea for a post I want to write and need some time to do it. Also I want to finish work on this new wallpaper, and have it available before Monday. So, until then, here’s a quick and funny animation I found on The title is self explanatory: Halo Spartan Goes to Heaven. Enjoy for now, and hopefully we’ll have more on later.

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