Panic! Panic! The universe isn’t real and we’re all just a lame 16 bit version of the Sims! Okay, none of that is true and only shows how little of this science I understand, but according to an article on geekologie.com (who got their information from popsci.com) some super smart scientist at Fermilab are trying to build a “holometer” to determine if dimensions do or do not exists .

The universe-as-hologram theory is predicated on the idea that spacetime is not perfectly smooth, but becomes discrete and pixelated as you zoom in further and further, like a low-res digital image. This idea isn’t novel; recent experiments in black-hole physics have offered evidence that this may be the case, and prominent physicists have proposed similar ideas. Under this theory, the universe actually exists in two dimensions and the third is an illusion produced by the intertwining of time and depth. But the false third dimension can’t be perceived as such, because nothing travels faster than light, so instruments can’t find its limits.

So, if I understand this quote ( …and I don’t) the universe is all in fantastic 2D, but because we’re all in the universe we perceive it to be 3D …right? Whatever, here’s the the thing, if this is a hologram universe then I need a really good hacker post haste so that I can change my toon (me?) into a wealthy level 85 Night Elf warrior with mutant laser eyes who lives in the bat-cave and is dating She-Hulk. Now that’s a damn good hologram universe, yep.

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