G4 has World of Warcraft Cosplay Photos and Video

BlizzCon 2010 Cosplay Photo

First off, I want to to respond to a comment made by miss Jo-Jo Chen who said on the following video that some people had a problem with her being Asian and dressing up as a Blood Elf, because they thought Asians don’t make good Blood Elves. If you happen to think Asians don’t make good Blood Elves, shut the fuck up. That’s total bullshit that some one would have a race based problem with any type of cosplay no matter who the person or what the costume. Besides, she’s hot and willing to dress up for our entertainment, don’t bitch! Now, on with the rest…

G4 posted two articles on their site today, one a gallery of cosplay images fresh from Blizzcon 2010, and the other a behind the scenes photo op with the some gorgeous models. One of my favorite things about any sort of con is the people willing to dress up and be the characters they love most. The amount of time and effort spent on some of these costumes are amazing, and many look like they just stepped out of the game. It also gives me hope that some day I too could have a scantly clad girl friend who dresses up as a Blood Elf, or Slave Leia, or Elvira, or Catwoman, or maybe even that three breasted hooker from Total Recall. Yup (sigh) …someday.

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  1. Quantum Flux

    10/24/2010 at 11:28 pm

    +12,000…. I believe firmly in free speech… But any a-hole that would discourage Jo-Jo from dressing in skimpy outfits and dancing around needs to be silenced. Period. Full stop.

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