Recently I did a blog post about some of the costumes worn by a few gorgeous girls at Blizzcon 2010 (I wasn’t there, dammit), and one of the things I look forward to every year at the San Diego Comic Con is the opportunity to find as many lovely costumed girls as I can, and get a photo with them. It’s sad to admit, but that’s about the only chance I get to rub up next to a beautiful girl that’s sober. Usually their outfits are alluring, colorful, and damn fun to look at. It’s great these ladies are willing to dress up like this at cons to entertain desperate geeks like me and my brother. This got me thinking about some of the truly amazing girls I’ve seen at pass conventions. The girls come in all shape, sizes, and colors and they look amazing as slave Leias, blood elves, the undead, or spandex bursting super-heroines. What I wanted to write about tonight are some of the outfits we haven’t seen yet and maybe give a few suggestions. Some of these may have already been done (if they have, let us know, we’re curious to see the results), but if not, and you are a girl considering dressing up for an upcoming con (or Halloween), then consider some of these amazing female characters we’d love to see some creative cosplay for.

#1 Dr. Girlfriend: Cheerleader

Dr. Girlfriend doing a cheer dance for 21.

So what if she has the voice of a fifty-year old chain smoking cement mixer, I still lover her. Not that I’m usually attracted to cartoons, my Wilma Flintstone fetish aside, but she’s freaking hot! And things got even better in this newest season of Venture Brothers when Dr. Girlfriend dresses up in a kinky Monarch themed cheer leader uniform. I will be going to next summers San Diego Comic-Con and I can only hope to see a couple hundred girls dressed like this. And if you’re not into the cheerleader thing, the at least try her Queen Etheria outfit.


#2 Elvira

Okay, I know Elvira has been a very popular Halloween costume for many years (…and for some reason popular with the transvestite crowd …good for them, goddammit!) but I never see this one at any of the cons. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Slave Leias just as much as the next guy, but every con I go to I’m always on the look out for a good Elvira and I never see one! She’s every thing I want in a woman; sexy, snarky, spooky, funny, big boobs …she has it all! So, please girls, if you’re a young woman with a lot to be proud of, try an Elvira costume and watch the fan boys turn into a drooling crowd of mindless zombies willing to obey your every command. I also feel that costumes of Lily Munster, Vampira, and Morticia Addams are very underused.

#3 Faye Valentine

Image from Cowboy Beebop of Faye Valentine

The hottest little bounty hunter ever to walk the Earth (…and Mars, and Venus, etc…) is Faye Valentine, from the popular anime Cowboy Bebop. Apparently, a few have dressed up as her, though I’ve yet to see one at any of the cons I’ve been to. There needs to be more! Hopefully at next year’s Comic Con I’ll actually get to see one. Check out the gallery below of some images I pulled from the web of a few gorgeous girls dressed up as Faye.

#4 Small Hooker from Total Recall

Little Hooker from Total Recall

Don’t ask why, I just want to see this at least once. I have my reasons and they’re none of your damn business.

#5 Female Cenobite


Forget the handcuffs and whips, this chick takes S&M to a whole new level. What an amazing costume this would be and yet I’ve never seen it anywhere. This is literally the scariest bitch I’ve ever scene (…well, her and Large Marge), and yet she’s still comes off as kind of cute. According to IMBD the female Cenobite was performed by Barbie Wilde but I couldn’t find an actual name for the character. I guess she’s the only one who never got a nick name. Ladies, time to man up, shave that head, and become a cenobite.

Well, it’s getting late and I got to get to bed, but there are dozens of other costume ideas I could blog about. If you have any suggestions for cool girl cosplay or great photos of cosplayers let us know. Now time to go to bed and dream of little blond hookers…

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