Well, here it is folks, our introduction to the robot apocalypse. What you’re going to see below is Actroid-F, a robot built to assist hospitals. When I first watched this video I wondered, “when are they going to show the robot?” Then I got it, that is the robot. It’s ultra-realistic and more than a little creepy.

What you’re looking at — is Actroid-F, Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR’s latest iteration of the creepy humanoid robot that can mime the operator’s facial expressions and head movements with unbelievable (but not quite human) accuracy. Her current job is to act as “as an observer in hospitals to gauge patient reactions.”

So, now that the end is in nigh I for one welcome our new robot overlords and will gladly work for a better robot future. I hope this insures my surviving the initial human purge. Actually, she is kinda cute, I wonder if I can order this model with, I dunno, purple hair and a Catholic school girl uniform…

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