Good Morning! Lately I’ve been trying to get back into reading comics. In a previous post I mentioned that I ran up to San Clemente and picked a few up. Well, I finally had the chance to read one… just one. Also, yesterday I finally received the issues I ordered online (I believe I ordered X-Force #1, X-23 #1, a Tron comic, and… something else I can’t remember right now… it’s early, cut me some slack), so hopefully I’ll get a chance here soon (the weekend?) to catch up on all of those. Last night, before bed, I read X-Men vs Vampires #1 of 2. How could I pass up a title like that?

Five stories total of the X-Men and their battles with the un-dead. “From Husk Til Dawn” starring Husk (a character I’m not familiar with), “I’m Gonna Stake You Sucka” starring Dazzler, “Rue Blood” with Rogue, “Survivors” a Magneto heavy story, and “Night Screams” a vintage story (I’m guessing from the 80’s) about Storms run in with Dracula (to be continued in the second issue). Each story had a different team of artists and writers (sorry it would take too long to list them all… just read the book).

Over all it was a fun read. I really enjoyed the art work in “from Husk Til Dawn” and “I’m Gonna Stake You Sucka.” Dazzler is a character I haven’t thought about in a long time, and I was never really sure what her powers were… I thought she had the mutant power of disco or something, so at least this issue cleared that up (she can convert sound energy into various forms of light energy). Also there were some fun reminders from when I was a kid. I forgot Havok and Cyclops were brothers, and that their daddy was a space pirate. “Rue Blood” was a little confusing. What was with the brain in the jar, and if that wasn’t Rogue in her own body, then where was Rogue? “Survivors” was kind of weak. Great artwork, but it was trying to be the more… serious (?) story of the book, though not much really happened (Magneto runs into a fellow survivor from the concentration camps, who now happens to be a vampire). I’ll probably pick up issue #2 when it comes out (I’m not sure when that is). So if you get a chance, I recommend this one, and if you’ve already read it, please let me know what you thought about it.

That’s it for this morning. I gotta hop in the shower and get ready for the day. Enjoy the rest of yours!

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