Frankenstein Monster from Universal Pictures

Remember vampires before they “glittered”? Do you remember a time when werewolves were savage bad asses instead of shirtless (pug nosed) pretty boys? How about The Mummy, pre-Brandon Fraiser, remember him? Well if you don’t then here’s your chance to get to know some of films legendary villians via a large MMO. G4TV reported on their website recently that Universal Pictures has teamed up with SEE Virtual Worlds to produce an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) based on the old horror movies of the 1930’s and 40’s. The game, Universal Monsters, will be part of the Entropia Universe MMO as a “planet”. A quote from Martin Biallas, CEO of SEE Virtual Worlds says;

Partnering with Universal allows us to revive the horror genre for the 21st century by introducing timeless film franchise characters into an interactive platform — Fans of Van Helsing and the classic Universal Monsters will be delighted with the extent to which they can interact in the deep, immersive social gameplay of the Universal Monsters virtual world when it launches next year.

The only problem I have with this is that from the G4 article it appears players will be hunting or fighting the monsters as Van Helsing and not playing as the monsters themselves. This kinda bums me out because for years Chudd and I have been fans of old horror movies (Chudd is far more a fan of the genre than I am) and I’d really like to play a Frankenstein, or Creature from the Black Lagoon, or a nosferatu style Dracula. I haven’t heard much about Entropia, and so I can’t comment on it’s game style or play, or even how this game will function with in the site, but I do hope that they retain much of the style and “hoakiness” that makes the old films special to guys like me. I wonder if we’ll get to play a werewolf? If only there was MMO out there where I could be a werewolf…

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