It’s been a pretty good week for zombies, if zombies could have a good week. Then again how the hell would I know, closest I get to being like a zombie is on those days I have a box chuck full of donuts and uninterrupted access to WoW. Anyways, today I read on the website that a zombie walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey set a new Guinness World Record. 4093 zombies participated, breaking the old record by just 67 zombies. Check out the video below.

Zombies invade Asbury Park to set Guinness World Record

…and this week The Walking Dead premiered to record numbers becoming the most watched show in AMC history. The show debut Halloween night with 5.3 million viewers. I’ve watched the debut and thought it was an excellent adaptation of the comic book. I really want to recommend this program to as many people as possible.

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