Sip of Soda

Hey El Moochadors, every holiday season it seems like we’re barraged by ads where happy and cuddly looking polar bears promote a popular fizzy beverage. For some reason, and I’m not sure exactly why, these ads bother me. Maybe it’s because they’re trying to anthropomorphise an animal that otherwise is extremely dangerous, and not very cuddly at all. Then again, I guess you could say the same thing about Winnie the Poo. Or,  maybe it’s just because the bears in those commercials are made to look way too cute for my brain to handle. Over the top cuteness? Maybe it’s because these ultra cute CGI animals promote something that really doesn’t do anything good for you other than give you a brief sugar rush. What ever the reason, I cringe every time I have to sit through one of those ads. Fortunately this year we decided to dump cable. So I have no idea if they’ll run or not, and if they do, I won’t have to sit through them. Here’s a question though, if a polar bear had a choice between a nice hunk of bloody meat or a sip of soda, what do you think he would choose?

I uploaded this to my account, so you can see it there along with some of the other stuff I’ve done. Hopefully next week I’ll have something else to share. I was thinking of making an Atomic Moo cut-out mask… or something like that. Also I have a ton of ideas for wallpapers and illustrations I’d like to work out. There’s one idea both Trog and I want to start working on as soon as we can (a comic strip we’ve been talking about for awhile now), but can’t see to get together for very long to work on it. Maybe some time soon we will. I’d love to get some feed back on this, so let me know what you think. Have a great day!

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