World of Warcraft

After a short hiatus I’ve started to play WoW again. Because Chudd and I are working on several projects It was hard to find time to play, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming Cataclysm expansion and want to be involved when it’s released. Also as a part of this blog I want to start a weekly post of Blizzard related news and resources. Not that there aren’t already thousands of WoW information sites out on the Web already, but I feel this will be a good way for me to learn more and share it with all of you.

My Week

So, to start this off let me just say that this first week back in Azeroth was pretty damn cool. I wanted this time around to be a different experience so I leveled a Horde toon. Previously, I never had much interest in Horde characters because they just weren’t evil enough. It always disappointed me that Blizzard tried to give a noble or Honorable spin on these character types when all along they should have been nasty, scuzzy, baby eating, villains. But despite this initial view, I’ve had a lot of fun playing Horde. I picked an Undead Rogue and playing in my spare time I was able to level him up to 32. For me one of the best things about playing Horde is getting access to the Undercity. This is by far one of the best designed cities in the game and has been a lot of fun to explore. Also, the Rogue class was a new experience and despite my deep hatred for Gnome Rogues I really enjoy this class of character and get the appeal.

One of my main goals in playing this time around is to focus on building a character for PvP and Raids. Now, keep in mind, as of this moment (now as I write this), I don’t know dick about raids or PvP. Though I enjoy the battlegrounds (bg’s) and looking for group tools I never really understood what it took to develop a competitive character. So this time around I’ve been using more online resources to level my Rogue. One of the best online resources I’ve found has been WoWWiki. The site is chuck full of information for helping players build the characters they want. Another resource I’ve been using is the amazingly well produced podcast The Instance. Produced by Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan this Podcast is a great mix of information and entertainment.

I’ve also tried to focus on the development of professions and secondary skills. My first time in WoW I just developed gathering professions like mining or skinning, but this time I’ve made a real effort to explore the fun in crafting items, learning cooking, first aid, and fishing. Actually, fishing and learning how to score gold from the auction house have become two of my favorite pass times on the game. I have always overlooked fishing, but since starting again, it has become a fun game for me. There is a great web site dedicated to WoW fishing at El’s Extreme Anglin where noobs to the fishing profession can learn about tips, skills, and contest.

As far as official WoW news goes, Blizzard just announced the release of the new World of Warcraft Community Site. The site is meant to provide players with more resources like blogs, game guides, and brand new forums.

Well, that’s enough rambling from me for now. I hope to focus future post on latest WoW news or specific topics I come across in the game.


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