Mmmmm…. Koopa….

I just barely woke up, opened up my reader and read “Paramount’s New DUNE Movie is in Trouble.” Wait… they were trying to make another Dune movie? I’m still picking eye bugars out, and already I have to deal with disappointment. Well, at least we’re getting Kung Fu Panda 2… that’s my early morning attempt at sarcasm.

I gotta get in the shower and get going for the day, so I’ll just get to it. I saw this awesome illustration of King Koopa (he was a king right? I can’t remember…), by Jude Buffum on and thought I would share it.


He’s got some other really tasty looking Nintendo based illustrations. I like how he kept them looking 8-bit to. The Yoshi looks pretty cool, though I don’t know if I’d ever order him off the menu. Then again I spent most of yesterday munching on buffalo jerky, so I might. I’ll try to post more later. I finally read a bunch of Marvel comics I’d been meaning to get to, so I thought I’d talk about those, also I’ve decided not to play WoW after doing the ten day trial. That’s something else I’ve been wanting to talk about. Also Also, there’s a bunch of projects I’m trying to work through right now (wallpapers, illustrations, a new background image and header for the site, and some other stuff). There’s just not enough time in a day… I guess all you can do is try to make it a good one. Later!

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  1. Dude. Good on you for dodging the WoW bullet. It makes jelly outta men.

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