Because your place doesn’t look fucked up enough, right? Why not ad some specimens from Miskatonic U (my first choice of schools, but I got rejected and ended up going to Utah State… oh well…) to spice up the place?! I’m not sure why, but this kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would make her own jelly. I guess there’s something else she can do now with all those mason jars now. Anyhow, thank the good folks at for sharing this with us, and Kawfi at for posting it. There was a link to an interesting site I suggest you check out: Propnomicon. That’s were you can get the labels for the jars, but they have some other cool stuff on there to. Well, I have to hop in the shower and get ready for the day. It’s only Tuesday, isn’t it? Crap….

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