Awesome Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Cosplay!

I was on a little while ago, and saw this girl who looks completely gorgeous in her Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (formerly Doctor Girlfriend) costume. If you don’t know who Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is, then you need to get your ass in gear and watch some Venture Brothers. Unfortunately I’m not sure what the girl’s name is in the costume. On DeviantArt it just says “Riddle.” She has a website and a facebook page, so I guess you could find out more information there. Also she’s got some more great stuff on DeviantArt. You should all (and by all I mean those couple people in Hemet, California, and Austin, Texas who only seem to visit the site… that’s right, I’m keeping track…) check it out, and tell her how great she looks. That’s all for now….

Doctor Girlfriend Cosplay

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  1. Goddamn.

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