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I wanted to finish this last night, but unfortunately I ate something for lunch that I don’t think wanted to be eaten. Not to get too graphic, but junk was spewing out of both ends of my body. It was a complete evacuation. It was like the apocalypse in my stomach, with everything rushing around in a panic, looking for any route of escape, and some crazy dude standing on my colon screaming “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! BRING OUT YOUR DEAD!” I ended up jumping in the shower twice last night because I felt so… unclean (I guess that’s the best way to describe it). Was that too graphic? Anyhow, I thought I would try and finish this today. So here is this weeks Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week. Happy Thanksgiving by the way (hope you enjoy that turkey).

Family Guy: It’s a Trap Trailer

I’ve never been a big fan of Family Guy, though the dog is pretty funny, but I did like the two Star Wars spoofs that they’ve done so far. Looks like the Return of the Jedi spoof is coming out soon, and they’ve got a trailer for it.

Here’s another one I found that has more clips from the show.

Darth Vader Portrait from Star Wars Script

Darth Vader Portrait

I read about this on, and thought it was really really neat. It’s a portrait of Darth Vader made out of the script for Star Wars: A New Hope, created by David Johns. If you go to David’s site (click on his name) you can use your mouse pointer to zoom in over and read the script. Pretty cool, huh?

A Linch Pin Droid

A Linch Pin Droid

I thought this R2-D2 poster from Mondo (created by Kevin Tong) was pretty cool. I always thought there was a dwarf inside him, but I guess I was wrong. On Underwire, I found this time lapse video on how Tong created this amazing illustration. Check it out below. Looks like there’s only 400 of these being sold, so good luck trying to get one.

Star Wars Princess Leia “Peek-a-Boo” Pen

Leia Pen

My brother just told me about these Princess Leia “Peek-a-Boo” pens now available on It says on their site that the pens are free with a purchase… so I guess I’m going to have to buy something now. Where’s my wallet? Maybe I’ll get this Slave Leia Maquette for my desk (I’ll have to borrow ninety bucks from my brother though…).

Slave Leia

Kyle Webster’s Star Wars Daily Figures

Leia Daily Drawing

I saw these contour-like drawings by Kyle Webster on yesterday, and I really liked them. It says on his blog that he doesn’t use any reference material, so that’s pretty cool he’s able to do these from his imagination. Check out his blog for more of his awesome drawings.

Boba Font

Boba Font

Remember those Force of Typography posters from last week (click on the link if not), well here’s something similar. I found this Boba Fett illustration on, and it looks like it was created by Fabian Glez. He’s also got a cool looking Storm Trooper illustration (or “Sans Trooper” which is its title… get it SANS Trooper… because it’s made out of sans-serifed type… okay, I’ll move on) that you can see below.

Sans Trooper

Matt Ranzetta Star Wars Art

Rebel with out a Cause

Another one I found on, check out these Star Wars inspired poster created by Matt Ranzetta. They’re kind of mash-ups with other films. You can see more of Matt’s work on, and let him know what an awesome job he’s done.

Star Wars Mice

Star Wars Mice

This will be it for today. I found these on Star Wars Mice. I’m not sure what else to say about these…. Sorry, but I have no idea who makes these or if you can get a Star Wars mouse (or mice) of your own. I wouldn’t mind having the Yoda one for me desk.

That’s it for this week of Star Wars coolness. Now I’m off to scrounge up a Thanksgiving dinner from someone. If you hear a knock at your door, it’s probably my brother and myself, so set a couple extra plates out.

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