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I’ve never really been into the holidays like most people are. They feel too commercialized. Still, I can understand Thanksgiving because it’s a good idea to have one day a year to look back on the people and things that make life worth living, and give thanks. So, for this Thanksgiving day Chudd and I have come up with a small list of the things that we’re most grateful for in Geekdom (yeah, we’re thankful for family, friends, hot water, and Panda Express, but this is a geek site, so that’s what we’re going over).

The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

I can’t think of any other movie that had more of an impact on my childhood than this one. With this year being its 30th anniversary, it has been great to learn more about the film and it’s production. Empire (the original, not the Special Edition version) will always be the best part of Star Wars for both Chudd and I, and I’m grateful it’s out there. The scene below is my all time favorite scene out of any of the Star Wars films. For me it captures the “magic” of the trilogy and is the single best (and only needed) explanation for the power of the force. Midichlorians, what the fuck was he thinking?

Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

Book Cover of Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers

British Comedy is awesome. I grew up on a healthy dose of Benny Hill and Monty Python, but when I was 15 I found this paperback book tucked away on the top shelf of a small book store. I had know idea it would mean so much to me in the coming years. You see, there was a lonely, dark, period in my life where I was removed from my family, home, and everything I loved (no not prison, but close) and I had no access to anything fun or imaginative. It sucked and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever put myself through, but shortly into this experience Chudd sent me a very used copy of this little paper back. I had read it when I was a teenager, and it was already one of my favorite stories, but over the next two years of this dark time I would read this little book over and over again, almost to the point of having it memorized. I feel this book helped to save my sanity. I love the T.V. show, and those of you who haven’t seen it should check it out, but for me the book is the real story of Dave Lister’s voyage into deep space and his adventures as he tries to find a way home. Check out this small example from the book.

Red Dwarf text

Comic Con

Like I said, I’m not big on holidays, but at least I have the San Diego Comic Con. Chudd and I have been attending Comic Con since 1995 and every year it is wonderful to gather with a massive crowd of fellow geeks to celebrate those things we love most in pop culture. We already have our passes for next year and July can’t get here soon enough.

Halo Sunday’s

Halo Logotype

Okay, I’ll admit since my XBox 360 died (fuck you very much Microsoft) I haven’t been able to play Halo. But not so long ago a perfect lazy Sunday meant sleeping in, a long hike, then an afternoon of being slightly sun-burnt while relaxing on the old comfy couch playing some Halo. I miss those days, but I’m damn glad to have had them and someday soon I may forgive MS enough to go out and get a new XBox.

Slave Leia

I don’t think I really need to go into too much detail as to why Slave Leia has meant so much to me since turning 12, but this I think we can all gladly thank Lucas for. Thank you so damn much Mr. Lucas, and also, lets not forget to give a special thanks to all the very wonderful girls who bring this costume to life at conventions, Halloween parties, or rare occasions in the bedroom. Check out these awesome Slave Leia Moments outside of Star Wars.

Fangoria Magazine

Fangoria Logotype

We got our first issue of Fangoria when we were only 11 years old and I’ve loved it ever since. It was a huge part of our childhood, and for a few years there we became total horror movie geeks. It was also important to us because of the annual Weekend of horrors conventions. As kids, Chudd and I would save up all our money for months before the convention only to blow it all on posters, t-shirts, autographs, and fake blood, all in one great day. This magazine has years of fun behind it and I’m glad to see it’s still around.

Lord of the Rings: Trilogy

Lord of the Rings

Okay, you know that perfect lazy Sunday I mentioned a bit ago, well after playing a few hours of Halo, the best thing to do was relax with a cold drink and turn on some LOTR. It didn’t matter what part of the trilogy, it’s all great, but these are the perfect movies to let play while you relax and enjoy a day off work. I am very glad these movies were produced by a cast and crew who cared about the production of the film so that the rest of us could enjoy these films for years more to come.

There are so many other things I could go on about that I am very grateful for, but I think this is enough for one year. It’s good to be a geek, now more so than ever, and I hope all of you out there have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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  1. Dude, I have a caseless, unmodded Xbox 360. Yeah, you’ll need a fan running (and blowing right onto the top of the damned thing) to keep it from overheating. But it works. And it’s yours, if you want it.

  2. Oh, and Palpatine schooled Yoda.

    Just sayin’.

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