Princess Leia

Well, I’m kind of having a bummer of a night. Awhile ago I decided to start using WordPress on my portfolio site, but I kept putting off finding a theme or updating it until today (these last few months I’ve been putting all my spare time into AtomicMoo, my iStock account, and random illustrations that I put on DeviantArt). I finally found a theme, but I’m having problems trying to customize it. It’s getting kind of frustrating. So I thought I would take a break and do a post on something that would make me a little happier… drawings of Leia in her metal bikini.

Here’s a bunch of illustrations I found on featuring our favorite space babe in her classic outfit. Check them out, and click on the headers or images that link back to the illustrator’s pages and let them know they’ve done good. Enjoy!

Art Nouveau Slave Leia by Adam Hughes

Art Nouveau Slave Leia

Slave Leia Sketch by Alex Owens

Slave Leia Sketch

Slave Leia Bandage Camel Toe by Eric Basaldua

Slave Leia

Slave Leia Colored by Laurie B!

Slave Leia Colored

Leia OOPS by Garrett Blair


Slave Princess Leia Fun by Arie Monroe

Slave Princess Leia Fun

Princess Leia by Mark Brooks

Princess Leia

Slave Leia Christy 1 by J. Scott Campbell

Slave Leia Christy 1

Slave Leia by m-u-d-c-a-t

Slave Leia

Princess Leia Retro by GoblinQueeen

Princess Leia Retro

Slave Leia at Comic Con II by Yaya

I know… it’s not an illustration, but damn she’s hot!

Slave Leia

I feel better now. I guess I should get back to work on my site. Maybe I’ll go take a cold shower first….

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