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Lately, I’ve been wanting to start a weekly post about the World of Warcraft MMORPG, and the fun times I’ve had in the game, but it’s been hard to come up with a consistent theme for posts. I like WoW, but there are already zillions (yes “zillions”) of other sites that report on the news, updates, and information for gamers which makes yet another WoW blogger kind of useless. So what I’ve decided to do is sit down at least once a week and ponder about some aspect of the game so that I (and hopefully some readers) can learn more.

Yesterday, I started two new toons, a Night-Elf Warrior and a Human Paladin and I got each to level 10. Though I have played a warrior before this is the first time I’ve tried playing a Paladin. This is a new experience and my first question about this character class is…

What sort of gear does a Paladin use?

Illustration of a Paladin, World of Warcraft

In WoW it is very important you have the right gear for the character you are playing. Gear attributes like strength, agility, or intelligence are vital. Paladins are new to me and according to the World of Warcraft community site, they can wear all gear types up to mail until level 40, then they can learn to wear plate armor after level 40. The info on classes also says the Paladin can be used for DPS, Healing, and Tanking.

According to the Paladin tips page,

Focus on items that give stamina and defense. You can go for a sword or blunt weapon and a shield, or a two-handed sword or mace. You might want to train up all of these abilities so you can pick and choose which to use based on what weapons you have available.

However, a different source, The Starting Zone podcast, suggest that as a Paladin I should focus on those items that build strength. The shows host and guest host went through and explained every aspect of leveling a Paladin from 1 to 60, and they suggested being a retribution paladin while leveling. Towards the end of the podcast they said that no matter what the spec, you should be looking for gear with a good strength score, then attack power, and then stamina.

Going off both sources I think I’m going to try focusing on strength and if it doesn’t seem to be working as well by level 20 I think I’ll switch gears and try stamina gear.

I’d love to get some feed back on this from people who have or are now leveling Paladins. If you have any tips or advice please leave a comment. Thanks and good night.

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  1. Doesn’t it depend on how you use the Pally? I mean, a MOB-tank is gonna want threat and stamina, (the better to keep alive, yeah)? While a DPS tank is gonna worry more about direct damage, if I recall correctly. And then, there’s the whole spec issue, and skill trees, and stuff. It’s like a part-time job.

  2. Trog

    12/06/2010 at 7:19 pm

    I don’t, but from what I’ve read so far it looks like things are getting simplified down (nerfed?) to the point where for pally’s will rely mostly on Stamina no matter what their spec. But I could be wrong, after all this is something I’m still learning about.

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