Atomic Moo Stats

I should be in bed right now, but I feel too restless to sleep. So I thought I would check Google Analytics to see how is stacking up. We’re definitely seeing growth as far as visitors. Today it looks like we had 44 unique visitors to the site (I’m use to seeing 10 or so when I check the stats, but the last couple weeks there’s been a steady increase). I thought I would check some of the other stats and saw that Ireland has spent the most “Avg. Time on Site” (7:51 seconds on average)… of course there’s only been 3 visitors from there… Still, thanks 3 Irish dudes! I’ll have some Jameson’s in your honor this weekend. USA still holds highest number of visitors though at 409, although I’m not sure how many of those are from mine and my brother’s computers since I only found out about filters on Analytics a couple weeks ago (I think the real number is somewhere around 200 or so… I dunno…). Hopefully the site will continue to grow as Trog and I work to add more content. I’d like to see more creative projects and downloads like the wallpapers added to the site, but right now it’s tough finding the time to work on them. Well, I’m going to try sleeping again. Goodnight!

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