Cosplay With My Heart Music Video

Here’s something from that I watched on this morning. It’s a little cheesy, but damn that girl looks hot in her Leia outfit (the white one from New Hope… the Slave Leia one was kind of meh).

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  1. You’ll get your nerdcred revoked, saying that a Slave Leia was meh.

  2. Look, any time a girl dresses up as Leia in the metal bikini I’m all for it. I just felt this one was a little… blah. I don’t know, maybe it was a little too big for her, or maybe it’s because she kept a large black bra on beneath it…? Something just didn’t look right. Still, she looked totally hot as Leia in that white dress from New Hope, which (in my humble opinion) was the best outfit in the video.

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