LHC Pop-up Book!

LHC Pop-Up Book

Good morning kids… it’s a Friday, so yes it’s a good morning. I saw this a couple days ago on GeekDad and thought it was totally rad. It’s a pop-up book that explains the Large Hadron Collider that CERN built in Switzerland. Okay, I’ll admit I don’t know much about physics or math or… stuff (probably why I was an Art major), but I am really into pop-up books (paper craft is cool…). It’s good to know that now I have two places I can go when I want to learn about science: Pop-up books and the Bible! Anyhow, check out the video below and enjoy.

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  1. Things like this make me rage. Not because of the papercraft (a really cool diversion which I haven’t the patience for), but because the Large Hadron Collider was SUPPOSED TO BE IN AMERICA!


  2. Yeah, we lost out… but Switzerland is a cool country. I got to spend four weeks there as part of a study abroad program my university offered for graphic design students. I saw that the people were friendly, and the chocolate was good (their rail system was pretty cool too… pretty much got me where ever I wanted to go). So, although it sucks we didn’t get it, I’m not too bummed out that they did.

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