Awesome Comic Book Covered Sketchbooks


Hey people! I was just browsing through and came across these awesome looking sketch books that had their covers replaced by vintage comic book covers. This immediately appealed to the art-geek in me since I try to keep a sketchbook within reach as often as I can (usually it’s a spiral bound Canson), and also I’ve been trying to get back into reading comic books.  Anyhow, the sketchbooks are made by Melissa Stewart (crabappledesign), from some place called “Austin” (I think it’s an island near New Zealand… I dunno, I went to school for art, not geography). Check them out, visit her website, buy something… support the economy… get some money flowing around again….


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  1. How are you doing with that Walking Dead archive?

    • Sorry, but I couldn’t get them to open. Instead I’ve been going down to the bookstore and reading them there (I buy a hot chocolate while I’m down there so I don’t feel totally guilty about it…). Unfortunately I was half way through volume two, went back the next day and someone had bought it (bastards!).

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