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World of Warcraft

Hey El Moochadores! It’s been a hell of a good day to be in the World of Warcraft because as many of you already know WoW’s fourth expansion, Cataclysm launched last night at midnight. I’ve spent a lot of time reading about last nights launch parties, the lines of eager fans braving the cold for their collectors edition, and peoples first impressions about the new player classes and starting zones. And like many other WoW enthusiast I’ve spent most of my day playing some of the new stuff and for the most part enjoying the heck out of it. Consequently, I don’t have a very good ponderthis week. In fact, the only thing I have to wonder about is…

why the hell would anyone get in a line outside a store in the month of December to buy a game they could have just as easily downloaded weeks before from the comfort of their own little nerd hole? Okay, I know there are many die hard collectors out there who insist on having the boxes and every special feature inside, but seriously, won’t those same boxed versions still be on the shelf tomorrow morning or next week, all ready for easy (non-freezing midnight) purchase? Again, I don’t know. But if you are some one who braved the cold, fought the fatigue, and got the special boxed version and you are loving the hell out of it, please let us know all about it and why you like it so much.

Moving on; I have to say this latest expansion of WoW has been mostly awesome. I say mostly because although I loved the new Goblin starting zone, the Worgen, was kind of meh. Though I think it holds it’s own against the other SZ’s of vanilla WoW and later expansions, it just wasn’t as much fun as the Goblin SZ. Which, if you haven’t made a Goblin toon yet please go make one and give the area a try, it is freaking amazing. With out trying to give to much away or spoil any part of the game, just let me say this was like a really fun mix of Saints Row and World of Warcraft, with just a little less car-jacking but still with some sweet, sweet rides.

Again, I’m not going to write a whole lot here because I’m still playing (and I want to get back) and I’m still forming opinions about the game. I don’t know if I’ll regularly play this Goblin, but I did have a lot of fun working him through his first few levels today.

Pondering WoW #1

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  1. http://www.facebook.com/TheBookOfMormonOnBroadway

    Tell me you heard about this. watch the interview at the top of the page. It’s actually very sincere.

  2. I’ve heard about it. I kind of have mixed feelings about it because of my experience as a missionary in Sacramento (and later leaving the church because of that experience…). So part of me wants to see it, and part of me doesn’t. Sean (aka Trog) and I have talked for years now of doing a web comic, and now that we have a geek blog, we’re thinking about doing one for the site. One of the ideas for a comic we’ve been kicking around is something based on our experiences as missionaries. I’m not sure I’d put that on this site though. I’d really like to keep religion and politics off of here (unless it directly applies to “geekdom”). I’d like to keep things here positive and fun, and people tend to get a little too agitated about that sorta stuff.

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